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Business planning and strategic planning is not a luxury, it is a necessity for any operation that wants to maximize outcomes and ensure it is achieving measurable performance targets. Without a strategic plan in place, it is difficult to get commitment and almost impossible to hold others fully accountable.

Strategic Planning

Every business large or small should have a ‘purpose’ and an ultimate goal; otherwise it will be directionless. Often even successful businesses making good profits are not reaching their full potential as a result of lack of absolute internal clarity and accountability. Cameron is an expert at holding the space for strategic dialogue. Relying heavily on the Rockefeller Habits Methodologies, he works with teams to create the famous One-Page Strategic Plan. Cameron’s experience tells him that many companies struggle to get everyone on the same page, because they simply do not have the page!

Through a comprehensive series of meetings and interviews over 2 days, Cameron will help your business create a one-page strategic plan. Unlike a lengthy Strategic Plan commonly found collecting dust on a shelf, with this document and Cameron’s guidance, you can develop a clear purpose and values for the company that the whole team can align with. In the coming months and years, Coach Cameron will continue to work with you to update and adjust your plan and will coach and support you through implementation, so you can achieve your quarterly and annual goals, as well as your 3 to 5 year thrusts. Cameron will revisit the company incrementally to guide and adjust where needed to meet those goals. It is more than just a one-time meeting, it’s a relationship for growth. With Cameron as a resource you can rely on your company can obtain a new level of growth and success. You can also expect a high level of accountability.

Through many years of experience in related fields, and his training and education, Cameron has developed his coaching into a sought after and highly renowned program. The foundation of his practice in growing businesses is inspired and designed around the principles of the multi-award winning book “Scaling Up” by author Verne Harnish. “Scaling Up” is the second series from the best seller “Rockefeller Habits” which has become highly acclaimed for its help in successful business strategy planning. It is used by top executives and the best leaders around the world. Over 40,000 firms worldwide have successfully used the Rockefeller Habits methods, including many Fortune 500 companies. Cameron’s experience in guiding businesses to success through the principals outlined by Verne Harnish has been an extremely beneficial for all businesses with which he has worked.

The Strategic Plan created for your business is individually modified and laid out into 4 key decisions, as outlined in the book; People, Strategy, Execution, Cash. Essentially all 4 decisions must be equally considered if you want your business to be a true success. At the start, it’s highly likely you are doing extremely well in one of these areas, and likely struggling in another. Tapping into Cameron’s years of experience and leadership he will help you to identify growth opportunities on which to focus on, and will help you create a plan to address them. His diverse background allows him to wear more than one hat and provide strategic visioning, marketing gravity, and financial guidance.

By making the decision to have Coach Cameron work with your company, you are on the path to creating crystal clear, strategic direction to take your company to the next level.

Team Building and Alignment

Through team building and alignment, Cameron will bring your entire executive team onto the same page for success. Cameron will help you to establish your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG) that your team can strive to achieve. The process in reaching team alignment also uses the main four principals inspired by the book “Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. This strategy has brought proven results to businesses all over the world. After working with your team through a series of activities, interviews, and dialogue, Cameron can identify which areas the business needs to strengthen. Lacking in any of the areas can lead to failure and stagnation in a company’s growth. Even if you feel like you have a strong core for three of the four principles, the fourth can become a stumbling block that interferes with the trajectory of the company and results in failed goals.

Alignment in the executive team and reaching your company goals will depend on how much you can control. Cameron emphasizes the importance of collecting data. He’ll facilitate and help you establish what’s working, what’s not and making necessary adjustments. By working with Cameron you’ll determine what’s real and what data still needs to be collected.

“You can’t control if you don’t understand, and you can’t understand if you don’t have data.”

Reward your staff and boost morale with a fun team-building exercise. Cameron is passionate about and greatly believes in encouraging communication and unity within the workplace to boost performance. He will offer your group, no matter what size, a customized day of team strengthening activities that will stretch your team members beyond their usual comfort levels. Cameron brings in some of the best team building activities including the Fun Fluid Factor, the Rollercoaster and the Charity Bike Build, amongst others. At the end of the program you will be left refreshed, able to rely on your team members, and work effectively together to achieve the best for the company.

It’s not bragging when someone else says it, right?

Entrepreneur Coaching 1:1

So often a brilliant entrepreneur has a ground breaking or revolutionary business idea but can’t find the way to bring it to a reality! With Cameron’s years of experience in executive roles and working with many businesses at different stages of growth, he can help small businesses, private practices and start-ups not just come to life, but to hit the ground running.

Creating a successful business is more than just a great idea. Creating brand identity, establishing a target market, forming brand promises and developing a sound and bullet-proof business plan are critical to the success of a new business. While your ideas may be brilliant and innovative, omitting these important business principles can cause you to fail before you have left the gate. Tap into Cameron’s experience and knowledge. He will work with you to develop your business and implementation plan, and will support you during implementation and growth.

One of the main reasons people choose to start their own business is to set themselves apart from the norm. Unique ideas and creative dreams are often in the back of our minds. What an accomplishment to reap the rewards for yourself. It’s a fact that the more innovative in thinking you are as an entrepreneur, the more difficult you’ll find it to execute your plan. The simple reality is that the very best innovators are not usually good at implementation. Don’t get in your own way. Cameron will coach you and help you come up with the right plan to turn your dream into a profitable and growing business. Get it right from the start, and begin earning profits early.

Draw on Cameron’s years of experience as an executive and coach to give your business the best opportunity for success.

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Cameron Keller is a passionate advisor, coach and consultant to CEOs and entrepreneurs with over 25 years’ experience in human services. He is a champion of healthy workplaces and is committed to growth, continuous improvement and innovation. Cameron’s work has helped impact workplace wellness while subsequently reducing absenteeism and turnover for client organizations of all sizes. Learn more about how Cameron’s strategic coaching and consulting can benefit your business.

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