Creating Psychologically
Healthy Workplaces

Improve the overall mental health of your staff and colleagues by implementing a range of proven educational and other initiatives in your workplace.

Businesses around the world are made up unique individuals who all come from different walks of life. It’s difficult to know just what each person is dealing with in their personal lives, and what they carry with them into the workplace. Depression, addiction, anxiety and mood disorders are all common mental health issues that affect us on the continuum of mental health and wellness. These types of illnesses result in higher levels of absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. In Canada these issues cost $51 billion per year; $20 billion of which is shouldered by businesses. Promoting a mentally healthy workplace cannot only avoid these costs but improve efficiency overall.

Leader in Workplace Mental Health

Originally trained as a mental health professional, and drawing on his years as National Vice President of Programs with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Cameron has become a recognized national leader in workplace mental health. He has implemented the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace across the country. He is also a national Master/Mentor Trainer in The R2MR (Road to Mental Readiness) program which he helped create and has taught to police, fire and other first responders from coast to coast.Cameron takes a comprehensive approach to helping executives and organizations promote mental health in the workplace, leading to a significant return on investment.

Mental Health ‘First Aid’ Training

Cameron will improve your basic understanding of mental health and related terminology – known as mental health literacy, in your workplace. A two-day training program ‘Mental Health First Aid’ is provided to create awareness of mental health. You will learn how to respond in a mental health emergency at work while you are waiting for professional help to arrive. Much like physical first aid, this approach can save lives during a mental health crisis. Knowing how to respond will help to preserve life and promote help seeking during a mental health crisis. Participants learn how to identify and respond to a range of mental health challenges including mood disorders, substance related disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and suicidal ideation.

Saving Costs The Right Way

In Canada we have put a great deal of emphasis on physical health and safety programs, which are extremely important. While small improvements are being made towards national support for mental health awareness and training in the workplace, Cameron can bring you immediate help. Improve the overall health and safety in your office with his in-depth consulting services. Supporting employees who live with mental health challenges is key to saving money. Research shows an organization that takes a thorough approach to a promoting psychologically safe workplace can save 5 – 10k per employee per year. Identifying the signs of mental illness and addressing them appropriately will improve the atmosphere your workplace and also your employee’s personal lives. One in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue in any given year, and many of these issues show up in the workplace where individuals spend more time than anywhere else.

By creating a mentally healthy workplace, you’re investing in the wellbeing of your company and its employees. Rely on Cameron for sound direction and instruction to strengthen your company’s capacity to promote mental health in the workplace.

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About Cameron Keller

Cameron Keller is a passionate advisor, coach and consultant to CEOs and entrepreneurs with over 25 years’ experience in human services. He is a champion of healthy workplaces and is committed to growth, continuous improvement and innovation. Cameron’s work has helped impact workplace wellness while subsequently reducing absenteeism and turnover for client organizations of all sizes. Learn more about how Cameron’s strategic coaching and consulting can benefit your business.

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