Whether through one-on-one coaching or team building, Cameron has had years of working with businesses and executives in diverse industries. He has many people that will say more than a few good things about how his coaching has shaped their business and lives.

As the founder of the Housing First approach to ending chronic homelessness for individuals with mental health and addiction problems, I have long had a vision to influence Canadian mental health and housing policy and contribute to solutions to homelessness for people with complex needs. Over the past few years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Cam Keller. Mr. Keller was a key person on the Canadian team: he embraced the vision of ending chronic homeless in Canada and provided this important national initiative with the strategic leadership, guidance and support to make it an unprecedented success. As a result of Cameron’s dynamic leadership and tireless commitment we succeeded in securing funding to sustain the programs and even more impressive was his influence in informing and shaping Canada’s policy on homelessness.

I have worked closely with Cam over the years and we have together made national and international presentations on the topics of homelessness, mental illness and addiction. He is a talented and dynamic leader who is highly regarded for his skills as a change agent both nationally and internationally. It is a pleasure to recommend Cameron to you and your organization most highly and without any reservation as a consultant who can help you achieve your vision for change.

Sam Tsemberis, Ph.D
Founder and CEO, Pathways to Housing
New York, New York

“Cameron Keller is a “par excellent” leader who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of mental health and recovery. He is also an inspirational and transformative leader who values relationships based upon the highest of integrity and ethics. As a speaker he is exquisitive, motivational, instructive and nurturing! His dynamic personality and giftedness have touched many lives with hope and healing.”

Dr. Chris Summerville, D.Min., CPRP
CEO, Schizophrenia Society of Canada
Winnipeg, MB

“I have watched Cameron work with numerous senior executives (including myself) over several years and he is an expert in finding ways of supporting others to be successful in their endeavours. His past experiences and his special personal style equip him well as an executive coach who can shepherd and coach his clients to high levels of achievement and to tackle major problems with positive results. He is a remarkable, intelligent person who gets the job done while at the same time always acting in a humane and compassionate manner. Cameron is also a highly regarded national leader in mental health and community living and he has proven expertise to offer in the areas of homelessness, recovery, consumer involvement and more.”

Paula Goering, RN, PhD
Affiliate Scientist, CAMH
Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

“Cameron was a fantastic coach, mentor and strategic advisor to me throughout our professional association. We spoke together on a regular basis by way of check in, but he frequently came to Montreal to meet with me in person in order to work with me to find solutions to challenges and to help me meet my objectives. His inspiration and support gave me the boost I needed and I learned a great deal, growing in knowledge and experience through his coaching and support. He was especially helpful in assisting me to develop an approach to solving some challenging quality assurance concerns with one of my local service providers. He worked directly with me and I even brought him in to assist me in negotiating quality improvement and accountability mechanisms. Moreover, he provided timely advice and helped me develop plans to respond to tricky media and stakeholder relations issues that could have become serious crises.”

Sonia Cote
Chief of Programs, Recovery and Social Inclusion
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Montreal, QC

t has been a privilege to work with Mr. Keller as he is among the most professional individuals I’ve worked with over my thirty year academic and consulting research career.

He is an excellent communicator, orally and in writing. He has an exceptional clarity and logic in both prepared and spontaneous speech; and he also has that relatively rare ability to inspire and persuade others, even with disparate points of view, to actively pursue a collective goal. In our work together he faced extremely complex stakeholder roles and viewpoints, and his very effective approach to communications with service providers, researchers, consumers and decision-makers (including senior government officials) helped bring about success.

Cameron is a fantastic mediator and negotiator. Just one example of his competence in such matters was his leading for us, negotiations on details of a vendor contract (including legal aspects) for a state of the art web-based data collection system, followed by oversight of the payment processes for equipment and services for the system over the project through to the final stages of data transfer.

Mr. Keller is also a superb manager of people. He provides coaching and guidance while allowing those he is working with an opportunity to learn and grow. He seeks advice and input from team members, but is also able to weigh issues and come to fair yet firm decisions in situations where that advice is divergent. One real test of his ability to manage people came on a research project that we collaborated on, where he had to coach and lead individuals and teams that he didn’t directly supervise. For example, the research leads were all university-based researchers – who were used to a culture of academic freedom and who reported to their Department Heads, not Mr. Keller as an external coach and leader. Several times when challenges arose, it was his excellent persuasion, negotiation and solution-focused skills that kept the study on the right path and these independent parties on board with major decisions.

Not only is Mr. Keller a strong manager of people and resources, but he has also proven himself to be a very effective strategic planning and leader. He has an ability to work with others to help establish both a ‘big picture’ vision while at the same time seeing and supporting others in the development of practical ways to achieve lofty goals, and operationalize the details in the short and long term. Cameron is also a person with the highest principles and integrity, and I recommend him to you with the highest confidence.”

Carol E. Adair, MSc. PhD
Depts. of Psychiatry and Community Health Sciences
University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
Calgary, AB

“Mr. Keller has a knack for advancing innovative and effective ways to work through complex social issues. He is very good at creating a vision and brings to his work a positive energy that inspires people to work with him to see the vision through to reality. His strength is in persuasively communicating a narrative or idea such that people see what is possible, why it is possible and why they would want to be part of the journey. I saw Mr. Keller do this with many diverse audiences regarding homelessness and mental health issues. He engaged successfully not only stakeholders and clients directly involved in the project, but through his outreach at the national, and local/regional levels, many national and community organizations as well as officials from all levels of government, including political staff.

From a policy perspective, I appreciated in particular, the trusting relationship he established with my office. His facility to provide solid policy advice while respecting the limitations faced by a government program was invaluable. This allowed us to have open and frank discussions and he helped us to find creative solutions that would work.

Mr. Keller is at ease in establishing good rapport with both colleagues and stakeholders—people respect him and respond to his open manner and intelligence.”

Director General
Employment and Social Development Canada
Ottawa, ON

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