Tuesday Morning Focal Point

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – April 26, 2016 – Time – Do You Have Enough?

One of the things I have noticed that represents the difference between the almost successful entrepreneur and the truly successful entrepreneur is that the latter is no longer entirely hung up on profits and the next deal or client, but is rather focused on enjoying the freedom and flexibility that success has offered.

Just this past week, I encountered the individuals in my network who are bumping up against that threshold between success and longing for true success. These individuals are striving, and ever searching for true success. There is this interesting distinction between the entrepreneur who wants to think they are successful and the entrepreneur who has become free from the encumbrances of constantly trying to prove him/herself and boost profits as if that is the highest priority.

I have come to appreciate the fact that when I consider my most successful clients, they are the ones who are no longer focusing on the dollars, or trying to prove to the world that they matter or are the leader in their market or industry, but rather are focused on their health and wellness, and the richness of life and living.  This is not to say they are not also continuing to grow their businesses, its just that they are more balanced in their approach.

Something I have learned from my own coach, is that time is not a resource in our western world. Time is a priority, and we all pick and choose how we use the time we have. We have enough time for whatever we decide we want to invest our time in. Saying we don’t have enough time for something is simply an excuse. If you are reading this, you are part of a cohort of individuals that has enough time for whatever is important to you.

Are you successful? How do you know? What is success to you? Have you achieved the kind of freedom that you desire?  Does your success include some balance?

In my own work life, I have recently got a little too caught up in not managing my time as well as I could. Over the last couple of months, I have been overcommitted, and it has cost me in terms of my freedom. In the last few weeks, I have had to make some critical decisions about the pace at which I am taking on new clients. This is not easy for a “type A” businessman, and yet in order to properly manage my time, I need to be more intentional about this. There have been several signals and indicators that I have noticed that have let me know I need to adjust. These are primarily in the area of health and relationships, particularly with my immediate family.

Cameron’s Call to Action

1. Reflect on the following questions, “How are you currently measuring success in your own business or enterprise?” “Where does freedom in terms of your time fit in, in your current perspective regarding how you measure success?”
2. Focus on the perspective that time is not a resource, but rather is a priority. You have time for whatever is most important to you. As you embrace this perspective, pay attention to what emerges for you. What do you need to choose to prioritize more?
3. If time management has become a challenge for you, stop making excuses about not having enough, and take control and make a bold choice or set of choices to prioritize what matters most to you. Make a decision to control your time, and not allow outside influences and pressures to control your time.