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Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting

Kaleidoscope offers many services including Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Workplace Health Training and Consulting. Learn more about About Cam here.

Executive Coach

Tailored to your needs, Cameron works in partnership with executives who are highly motivated to grow and transform and are not afraid of facing their limitations and overcoming their “saboteurs”. He can provide guidance and can hold the space for your transformation so you can advance to the next level of excellence in your career and personal life. Cameron is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

Business Coach

A business can only obtain positive, sustainable growth if senior leadership is absolutely clear on the objectives for the short, medium and long-term and has identified the strategies and tactics to meet these objectives. Cameron will work with you to create an effective strategic plan, fully utilizing your strengths and tackling areas of challenge.


While physical health is taken seriously in workplaces across the country, mental health is often overlooked. This costs Canadian employers over $20 Billion per year. Cameron can coach you and support your internal organizational culture change so that your employees become equipped to identify and handle these types of challenges and illnesses. The simple result – greater productivity.

About Cameron Keller

Cameron Keller is a passionate advisor, coach and consultant to CEOs and entrepreneurs with over 25 years’ experience in human services. He is a champion of healthy workplaces and is committed to growth, continuous improvement and innovation. Cameron’s work has helped impact workplace wellness while subsequently reducing absenteeism and turnover for client organizations of all sizes. Learn more about how Cameron’s strategic coaching and consulting can benefit your business.

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Is Your Business in the “Go” or “Show” Phase?

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