Tuesday Morning Focal Point
Month: Month: May 2016

Tuesday Morning Focal Point – May 31, 2016 – The Legacy of a Mentor

May 31,2016
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I start this week with a sincere thank you to John Adams the Daddy Blogger, who appeared as our guest blogger for last Tuesday’s Focal Point. Last week I received news that a friend, colleague and mentor of mine named Paula, had died of cancer.  She is a woman who fought a battle with cancer […]
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Tuesday Morning Focal Point – May 24, 2016 – The Challenges Facing the Working Father

May 24,2016
I am pleased to present this blog from John Adams – our guest blogger this week John Adams combines life as a stay at home dad with an increasingly high-profile career as a blogger, writer and YouTuber. He is based in London in the UK and has two daughters, Helen, seven and Elizabeth, three. John’s […]
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Tuesday Morning Focal Point – May 10, 2016 – A Mother’s Role in Business Success

May 10,2016
Few would argue the importance of the role of a mother in life one’s life.  Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, many of you have likely been more intentionally reflecting on the role of your mom in your life, than usual.  For as many of you who read this, there will likely be a similar number […]
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Tuesday Morning Focal Point – May 3, 2016 – Achieving That Elusive Freedom

May 4,2016
Last week my post was about the issue of time, and I suggested that we all have enough time to do whatever we choose, as time is not a resource, it is a priority.  Yet, clearly not everyone experiences it that way, and I sometimes get questions from clients regarding how they can get better […]
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