Tuesday Morning Focal Point
Month: Month: January 2017

Surround Yourself with Excellence!

January 31,2017
On Saturday evening I was in Phoenix, Arizona, taking in an AMA (American Motocross Association) Supercross race – the best riders in the world competing against each other.  During the day we hung out in the pits, and I primarily visited with a pro rider who is a friend of mine, and another friend who […]
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Tuesday Morning Focal Point – January 17, 2017 – Plan Your Time Off Now!

January 17,2017
Last evening I received a very encouraging text from a colleague and friend of mine, which was his follow up to my challenge to him, to book his vacation for the coming year, right now.  This particular colleague tends not take action swiftly on ideas, and so I had prodded him just several days earlier.  […]
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Tuesday Morning Focal Point – Tuesday January 10, 2017 – Know Your Buyers!

January 10,2017
On Sunday I was enjoying one of my last few days on our Christmas vacation in a favorite tropical vacation spot.  Sunday happened to be a day when a lot of vacationers here were juggling their desire to lounge around the pool in the sun, with the desire to check in on the NFL football […]
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