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Is Your Business in the “Go” or “Show” Phase?

August 17,2021
This past week an executive on my coaching roster and I drilled down into some of the seasonality of work for her and her team.  She runs an entity with significant global reach and their demands throughout this pandemic has had incredible impact. I also work with this exec’s team on strategy; with whom we […]
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Slow Down to Speed Up

November 10,2020
The importance and value in slowing down to better manage speeding up in business and leadership.
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Strategies for Building Resilience

September 1,2020
Often when I facilitate workshops on resilience and building resilience, attendees offer a definition of resilience as the “ability to bounce back.”  I don’t think this is a perfect definition, but let’s go with it, simply because it is a common response from workshop participants. Therefore, it must matter. Miriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as […]
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A Call for Social Reaching – Skip the Distance

March 21,2020
I won’t even bother with explaining the context for this blog and my thoughts, as it’s all well documented (with terms like stay at home, social distance, covid-19,and quarantine life topping trending lists). You don’t need to hear it again.  Suffice it to say, these are difficult times and many of our clients are experiencing […]
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Personal Development through Executive Coaching

August 20,2019
It is interesting how topics or concepts show up in your life in a cluster. Whether it be types of clients, types of issues, or multiple clients from a similar industry. Currently, I am hearing a desire for personal development from executives in various industries. The current trend – personal development for the executive Right […]
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Leadership is more about “being” and less about “doing”

July 2,2019
We all love to have action-oriented people and leaders in our companies. Particularly those in leadership who have an ability to drive execution not only for themselves but also for those around them.  After all, there is a huge execution component to successfully implementing your growth strategy and achieving your targets. The Competing Forces Notwithstanding, […]
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Overwhelmed? Try the “yes, and…”

May 1,2018
The overwhelmed epidemic I have been meeting with a lot of executives lately that are finding this time of year to be overwhelmed with their work. Some execs are exhausted and burning out.  One particular executive I’ve been speaking with continues to talk about long hours, exhausting cross country and international travel and no time […]
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The High Performance Leader & Their KPI s

October 3,2017
High Performance for Leaders I always find it interesting how things come in waves in so many areas of life. My executive coaching business is certainly included in that. Recently, there has been a wave for me related to KPI s (Key Performance Indicators).  Several of the executive teams we work with are significantly upping […]
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Executive Relationships

June 28,2017
Last night I finished up an important task which was finalizing a formal report for the Board of Directors of a company I’ve been working with for about a year and a half.  This particular company decided in early 2016 to consider an unorthodox executive structure. They chose to have two CEO equivalents. Both of […]
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A Strong Marital Relationship is Strong Business

May 9,2017
Couples Coaching – Maintaining your key personal relationship At the end of the day yesterday I was expecting my last coaching client at 5pm.  He arrived as expected, but not alone – he had his wife with him.  I had not been expecting her, as she had been to only one coaching session with him […]
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