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Category: Team Building

High Performers; Holding them Accountable

March 7,2022
We often think of the need to hold others accountable in the context of those who are not executing well or fully on their KPI’s and deliverables.  Yes, for sure, accountability mechanisms and finding ways to support improved outcomes for this cohort is critical. This is a complex endeavor. It can take a lot of […]
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Overcoming Resistance to Change

August 25,2020
Sometimes during the summer months, I think back at times to childhood summer camps.  I always loved the campfires in the evening and thoroughly enjoyed singing the great campfire songs.  One of the ones I think about is the classic “Goin’ on a Lion Hunt.”  The song talks about the hunt and running into various […]
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Employee Engagement – Its Not What You Think

October 8,2019
There has been quite a trend over the last few years with leaders and HR departments talking about employee engagement.  It’s become a buzz phrase that folks grab onto, trying to figure out what it is and how to create it. Maybe as a way of somehow getting a leg up on others to recruit […]
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A Healthy Dose of Skepticism is Prescribed

June 25,2019
One of the most rewarding interventions I do as a business coach is helping a firm slow everything down and look at their operational processes in a detailed way. The goal of this process is to make the processes better, faster and cheaper.  It never ceases to amaze me, how little a lot of firms […]
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Navigating Your Busy Season Demands

April 2,2019
This morning I woke up in a beautiful resort in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.  This will be day two, of a two-day training event. I am delivering the training for senior and middle managers of this company which run a few luxury resorts in the Rockies. They are on the verge of their busy […]
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Time for a Work Out?

March 14,2017
Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of time that a professional athlete spends training, working out and preparing to compete, versus the amount of time she actually competes?  Reality is in most cases the preparation, training and work out time exceeds 90% of their time and the actual performance or competition is less […]
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How Aligned is Your Team?

March 7,2017
Yesterday I was with a new client on Vancouver Island for the day, and as usual, I met a whole bunch of great people doing a whole lot of great things that can get good outcomes.  Also as usual however, most people didn’t adequately understand or know what others on the team were doing on […]
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Open Door Policy – What a Fraud!

February 14,2017
I could not even begin to count how many times I have heard, when in a coaching session with a leader or a meeting with a senior management team, “I have and open door policy.”  It’s become such a buzz phrase to say this, that it’s almost become meaningless.  It’s kind of like one of […]
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