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Coach Cameron loves people and takes great pride in helping individuals and their organizations discover that they are capable of reaching a level of effectiveness beyond what they ever imagined possible. As an executive coach, Cameron works to establish a collaborative partnership (Co-Active Strategy) with his clients as the necessary foundation for helping them achieve greater competence, capacity and performance. He is a brilliant connector and collaborator and is extremely effective in developing the kind of relationship and trusting connection, which is necessary for growth and transformation. His starting point is always that the “who” in who his clients are, is at least as important as the “what” in what his clients do. Everything Cameron does is relationship-based.


Cam is gifted and talented in balancing between asking powerful questions, listening to and empowering his clients to tap into their own creativity and resources in order to discover answers and solutions to challenges, while offering timely and wise strategic advice and instruction, with curiosity. Self-reliance, not dependency is the goal. Cam does not fulfill the role of an answer person’ or a crutch to bolster weak leadership, but instead helps help executives think through and tackle their own problems. He is a master at raising client’s awareness and ability to see new perspectives, helping them to develop plans and goals; motivating them to achieve.


Executives that trust Cameron get results in the performance of their deliverables and meet and exceed their goals and objectives – quickly and with lasting results. Empowerment is limitless and Cam helps executives take full control of their careers, develop plans of action, find creative solutions to getting around resistance and obstacles and get breakthrough results. No stone is left unturned in this unique relationship that travels both broad and deep throughout the process.


Coaching services can be tailored to individual needs and can be accessed on an hourly basis. However, Cameron recommends a minimum six-month engagement involving at least bi-monthly (or weekly) meetings, regular telephone calls and email check-ins. Services may also be bundled with other services for your organization such as facilitation and strategic planning.

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Cameron is interested in working with executives who are motivated, capable of introspection, aware of their own strengths and limitations and willing to operate and function in an “uncomfortable” place while being challenged to perform at a higher level – with no excuses. Cameron’s fundamental belief is that his clients are natural, creative, resourceful and whole, and his job is to help you access your greatest internal and untapped capacity for excellence. Having operated in an executive’s world for many years, he has a thorough understanding of leadership and leadership development, systems dynamics (organization and community) and the other realities of the world of executive leadership. Moreover, Cameron knows well the framework for adult lifespan development and is committed himself to lifelong learning.

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About Cameron Keller

Cameron Keller is a passionate advisor, coach and consultant to CEOs and entrepreneurs with over 25 years’ experience in human services. He is a champion of healthy workplaces and is committed to growth, continuous improvement and innovation. Cameron’s work has helped impact workplace wellness while subsequently reducing absenteeism and turnover for client organizations of all sizes. Learn more about how Cameron’s strategic coaching and consulting can benefit your business.

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